About the IREMCO Group

Founded in 1992 to pursue international oil and gas operations, IREMCO today provides venture capital, business platforms, and capital market leadership to select international oil and gas—and venture-stage technology—companies.

For nearly three decades, IREMCO has managed successful strategies, execution, and high-impact growth. Our superior performance has attracted a global investment audience that includes some of the world’s most prominent investors, research analysts, hedge funds, and financial institutions.

With an expansive vision, entrepreneurial culture, and strong business acumen, IREMCO-backed companies have consistently outperformed their peers and grown to become top-performing leaders.

IREMCO investments
IREMCO Investments

Experience Breeds Success

IREMCO’s oil and gas companies have operated exploration campaigns and production globally, particularly in Australasia. They’ve concluded numerous joint ventures, equity investments, strategic exits and buy-outs from large companies such as Apache, Texaco, Pan Canadian, Talisman, Bonavista, Philips 66, Elf Aquitaine, Origin and others.

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