Venture capital, global reach,
long-term vision. IREMCO invests in the leading companies of tomorrow

Venture capital, global reach, long-term vision. IREMCO invests in the leading companies of tomorrow

About the IREMCO Group

Founded in 1992 to pursue international oil and gas operations, IREMCO today provides venture capital, business platforms, and capital market leadership to venture-stage companies with a focus on technology and natural resources.

For over three decades, IREMCO has managed successful strategies, execution, and high-impact growth. Our superior performance has attracted a global investment audience that includes some of the world’s most prominent investors, research analysts, hedge funds, and financial institutions.

With an expansive vision, entrepreneurial culture, and strong business acumen, IREMCO-affiliated companies have consistently outperformed their peers and grown to become top-performing leaders.

Experience Breeds Success

IREMCO managed oil and gas companies have operated globally. They’ve concluded numerous joint ventures, equity investments, strategic exits and buy-outs from large companies such as Apache, Texaco, Pan Canadian, Talisman, Bonavista, Philips 66, Elf Aquitaine, Origin and others.

Vision, Strategy, Results

IREMCO has a proven track record of identifying world-class opportunities.

Founder & CEO Alex P. Guidi

Mr. Guidi is a oil and gas and technology entrepreneur. Starting in the oil industry at age 18, he has since founded five successful exploration and production companies.

In 1989, he founded Western Canadian producer Walking Stick Oil and Gas, and later initiated a strategic exit, which generated extraordinary returns to shareholders.

In the 1990s, Mr. Guidi founded Indo-Pacific Energy and Trans-Orient Petroleum and launched a successful Australasian-based acquisition campaign. Concluding more than 35 oil and gas acquisitions in China, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Australia and Timor Sea Gap, these companies became among the fastest growing international oil and gas exploration enterprises globally. In 2002, he founded TAG Oil Ltd., which was established to acquire New Zealand oil and gas assets. From 2009 to 2012, TAG became one of Canada’s fastest growing companies in revenue and market capitalization.

“We are proud of all the companies we’ve built at IREMCO. But we’re even prouder of the relationships forged during the process. It is the quality of these relationships – based upon mutual trust and respect – that is the foundation for the success upon which IREMCO is built.”

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